About the Corporation


The North Caucasus Development Corporation (NCDC) was established in 2010 to develop the investment environment in the North Caucasus Federal District (NCFD) by attracting investors and participating in investment projects in the district.


Our top priorities are to support the implementation of the government development program for the NCFD, raise investment for the district and create new jobs.


The Corporation is a brand-new structure for the North Caucasus district that combines the interests of domestic and international investors on the one hand, and government authorities on the other hand, in order to guarantee efficient project implementation and increase return on investments in the district.


Mission and objectives



The mission, objectives and activities of the NCDC are determined by the strategy of «North Caucasus Development Corporation», which was approved by the Board of Directors of the Corporation April 4, 2011.


Our mission is to create a successful investment business to stimulate the economic development of the North Caucasus region.


The Corporation has the following objectives for 2011-2015:


  • Raise at least RUB70bn in private investment (both debt and equity)

  • Support at least 120 investment projects in the NCFD, which will create up to 35,000 new jobs

  • Build its own investment portfolio consisting of 30-40 projects during 3 years


To achieve these objectives we are developing our investment and advisory business.