Business lines and areas of activity



To achieve the Corporation's goals, we are developing the following investment and consulting business lines:




Providing equity investment and advisory support for strategically important and commercially feasible projects, including:


  • project analysis;

  • legal support and preparation of documentation;

  • инвестирование собственных средств КРСК;

  • raising funds from third-party investors.




Transactional support – raising investments for strategically important projects, development of industrial parks and business clusters:


  • The Corporation's key function in the transactional support area is participating in the formation of industrial parks (IPs). The Corporation may become a shareholder of IP's management company and may invest in IP residents' projects.

  • We aim to create active business zones by developing infrastructure and auxiliary businesses alongside our main strategic projects.

  • The Corporation provides financial advisory services to optimize business structures and increase transparency, as well as raise financing (including assistance in applying for state funds or guarantees).


Consulting – support of important investment projects and developing model projects:


  • The Corporation provides advisory services, administrative support and assistance in applying for state funds or guarantees, as well as staff education and recruitment consulting services.

  • With model projects, the Corporation develops a template business plan and encourages its adoption in several regions. This approach mainly targets medium-sized projects in the NCFD's traditional industries (agriculture, construction materials, consumer goods, etc.).


PR support – improving the perception of the region to stimulate investor interest:


  • We aim to improve the region's investment climate and encourage private investment by means of conferences, publications, advertisements and information on our website.